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Occasions Made Simple with Boston Market

Boston Market offers a unique set of catering products/holiday dining solutions to help consumers simplify their lives by serving wholesome, homestyle prepared holiday meals. Offerings are customizable so that each customer may select the style and quantity of prepared dishes that best suit their holiday needs. In addition to being perceived as the holiday experts, Boston Market wants to drive additional sales of holiday packages created for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Target Customers

Families who want Boston Market to provide some or all of their holiday meal and corporate buyers who would cater company events with Boston Market during the holidays.

The Challenge

Delivering original and customer generated content, Boston Market positions themselves as an authority and “go to source” for having a great holiday filled with family, friends, fun and of course, food — from Boston Market. By providing meaningful content during their buyer’s journey, Boston Market will insert itself into the customers consideration set and help guide them down the path to make a final decision. The end goal is to increase the number of customers who purchase a holiday meal via online or in store purchase. The content will help drive sales by moving customers further along the decision making journey by making the decision simpler.

UX Solutions include a dynamic Holiday Countdown Clock, contextual content and promotions. Holiday Event Planning “Wizard”, user generated content (recipes, stories) and gifting (Random act of kindness)

My Role:

IA and UX Strategy. Custom Drupal design and theme development. Resource planning and management. Developed in partnership with King Fish Media (Original content, media, graphic design) and Red Fin Solutions (PHP & Drupal deployment).

“You’ve got an occasion (work party, gathering at home, pot luck dinner, etc.) with a whole host of folks to feed (8 or more). Getting prepared food that’s ready to eat is the perfect solution.”

“Life is busy and finding the time and the reason for slowing down and enjoying the company of loved ones is a challenge. This occasion is about the ability of food to create “quality time around a table.”

“Celebrating a meaningful event (birthday, anniversary, new job, treating guests/clients/etc.). The meal is a complement to the occasion.”

“There may be a specific deserving reason, or maybe a coupon/deal that you can’t pass up… or there may not even be a reason at all – but today you feel like “treating” yourself to something that’s a little better than what you normally get”


About Mindful UX

Hi, I'm Doren Berge – UX & product designer, creative director and design project leader.

I have an avid interest in learning process and instructional design. I believe interaction design and branded experiences should be imbued with an intuitive instructional narrative. Users are learners. "User centered design" is "learner centered design." I prescribe a pedagogical and empathetic approach to deliver intuitive product and brand experiences.

I am a seasoned and successful startup veteran. I have built and managed design organizations of all shapes and sizes. From global, multi-layer UX/FE teams to small-startup, ninja collectives. A "servant leader" I do everything in my power to lead teams to successful business outcomes and to help talent thrive and grow.

I am a “coding designer.” Passionately devoted to user experience design and "web-craft" since the very early days of the internet (1994 - the cave paining years). I practice Lean UX and Agile Development (CSM) and I am proficient in contemporary, front-end tools, technologies and workflow.

A visual designer by trade and formal training, I have served as an Adjunct Professor at Endicott College's School of Visual Communications, teaching a variety of courses in Typography and Web Design.

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