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High performance Precision Engineering

GSI Group Inc. designs, develops, manufactures, and sells precision motion control devices and associated precision technologies, photonics-based solutions, and semiconductor systems. Emerging from restructuring, GSI Group Inc. was seeking to evolve and articulate their Corporate Brand Identity to reflect optimism and industry leadership while clarifying and expressing the relationship between the Master Brand – GSI Group – and it’s family of product brands.

Project Goals and Deliverables

To develop a visual brand strategy that expresses GSI Group as a contemporary, top-tier, high-value provider and articulate the relationship of the Master Brand to the Product Categories and individual product Brands.

Develop Guidelines for Logo Treatment(s) and graphic Identity including Typography and Color Specifications for print electronic communications and various applications.

Old Logo

Masculine, Dated and unoriginal (Identical to Principal Financial Group.)

As a long established leader and global provider, it was determined that a new Identity needed to retain a certain amount of recognizable “DNA” while reflecting optimism, contemporary leadership and performance.

“When the performance of your product depends on the performance of our product." – John Roush CEO

Inventive, Flexible & Innovative

Confident, Focused, High Performance

High Performance Precision Engineering


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