Nasoya Foods

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  • Custom Drupal Theme & Development
  • User Experience & IA
  • Data Migration & Content Modeling

Nasoya Foods Meal Planner, Recipe and Product Finder

Always striving to meet the changing needs of consumers, Nasoya is committed to providing delicious, premium vegetarian foods to consumers for over 30 years. Its innovations include all-natural Super Hummus, organic and all-natural tofu, including tofuplus®, fresh, all-natural Asian style noodles and wraps, and Nayonaise vegan sandwich spread.

My Role and Project requirements:

As a vendor in partnership with 360 PR (content strategy, brand guidelines and art direction) I provided comprehensive Drupal design and deployment including:

  • Migration of a proprietary database of recipes, associated media and nutritional information into a custom Drupal 7 deployment
  • Custom Drupal “views” and multi-relational search taxonomy based on URL context
  • Custom Drupal Theme Design and Front End Development
  • Subcontracting management of PHP development (Store Finder API).

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Hi, I'm Doren Berge – UX & product designer, creative director and design project leader.

I have an avid interest in learning process and instructional design. I believe interaction design and branded experiences should be imbued with an intuitive instructional narrative. Users are learners. "User centered design" is "learner centered design." I prescribe a pedagogical and empathetic approach to deliver intuitive product and brand experiences.

I am a seasoned and successful startup veteran. I have built and managed design organizations of all shapes and sizes. From global, multi-layer UX/FE teams to small-startup, ninja collectives. A "servant leader" I do everything in my power to lead teams to successful business outcomes and to help talent thrive and grow.

I am a “coding designer.” Passionately devoted to user experience design and "web-craft" since the very early days of the internet (1994 - the cave paining years). I practice Lean UX and Agile Development (CSM) and I am proficient in contemporary, front-end tools, technologies and workflow.

A visual designer by trade and formal training, I have served as an Adjunct Professor at Endicott College's School of Visual Communications, teaching a variety of courses in Typography and Web Design.

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