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Combining UX Design Practices with Instructional Design Models for Digital Learning Experience Design

Six Red Marbles is a market leader in innovative learning programs and educational solutions. As the largest U.S.-based provider of learning experience design, content development and education technology (edtech) services, Six Red Marbles partners with publishers, schools, universities, foundations and technology companies to develop engaging products that support personalized learning for students across the early childhood, higher education and adult education markets.

My Role: Creating, Designing and Delivering Learning Experiences for All Ages.

As Creative Director - UX & Design (2014-2018) I led a team of domestic and off-shore design and production resources including: UX and graphic designers, illustrators, front-end engineers and full stack developers. I providing art direction, game experience design and user experience leadership (Information Architecture User Research and Usability/learnability testing).

A hands on practitioner of design and user experience, I led numerous projects including product and web application design, digital learning objects, custom platform UX and interface design and “age appropriate” visual design for education and learning.

Driving an Integrated, Iterative, multi-discipline process for “learner centered” experience design.

In close-collaboration with instructional designers, content specialists, subject matter experts and project management, the SRM UX and Creative team introduced and institutionalized contemporary UX methodology and best practices of Lean UX to form a scaleable and customizable, multi-discipline, cross-functional process for “learner centered” experience design.

Providing product design services to a range of clients including publishers, schools & universities, education organizations, corporations and tech companies – the following examples are descriptions of typical projects and services provided.

Interactive course development for Grade 3 Math and ELA, and High School Biology

K12 Education


Leveraging the Six Red Marbles, scalable process for Learning Experience Design we were engaged to rapidly develop online course concepts for k12’s homeschool online platform. Working closely and collaboratively with k12’s UX, instructional design and development teams, we were charged with developing and testing multiple course prototypes that included Scope and Sequence, visual and UI style guides (based on client provided brand requirements), concepts and prototypes for interactive learning objects and learning games.

Ground-up Platform Design for K-8 Math Education

Big Ideas Learning


18 month project designing a full-scale classroom management platform and toolset to deliver math content, assessments, and reporting for in-class instruction and independent student learning. Deliverables included Iterative UXD (Research, Learner Testing, Classroom observation). Content modeling, Prototyping and designing UI component library and style guide for platform and content development. Additionally Six Red Marbles created, designed and developed at scale, hundreds of digital learning objects, simulations and explorations for deployment within the classroom platform.

Proof of Concept for Master’s in Teaching program and classroom simulation training

Woodrow Wilson Academy


The Woodrow Wilson Academy engaged Six Red Marbles to research and create proof of concept prototypes of a Master’s in Teaching program for aspiring STEM teachers. We were charged with creating a model that would fully disrupt how teachers are educated Including blended learning, a physical campus at MIT, clinical teaching placements in schools, and comprehensive online learning program and class management simulations where traditional “seat time” is thrown out, and learners progress as they demonstrate mastery of well-defined competencies.

Duration of project was 18 months and conducted in three phases including Discovery - with primary and secondary research. Ideation and paper prototyping of competing “champion challenger” concepts, and the delivery of low-fidelity “clickable” prototypes for testing, validation, fundraising, talent acquisition and business requirements projections.

Digital Simulations and Learning Games

I provided creative oversight of all digital media product design and development producing countless digital learning objects for K-12, higher education and professional development. Including complex learning games, simulations and calculation explorations as well as platform deployment, custom LMS theming and 3rd party API integration.

Sales & Marketing Support, Web Site Design & Management, SEO & SEM

In addition to creative leadership and resource management for client services, additional responsibilities included sales support and client relations, and all brand and marketing communications design. Including the design, build and management of the corporate website and ongoing SEO/SEM for inbound lead generation.

Fun Ideas. Serious Learning


About Mindful UX

Hi, I'm Doren Berge – UX & product designer, creative director and design project leader.

I have an avid interest in learning process and instructional design. I believe interaction design and branded experiences should be imbued with an intuitive instructional narrative. Users are learners. "User centered design" is "learner centered design." I prescribe a pedagogical and empathetic approach to deliver intuitive product and brand experiences.

I am a seasoned and successful startup veteran. I have built and managed design organizations of all shapes and sizes. From global, multi-layer UX/FE teams to small-startup, ninja collectives. A "servant leader" I do everything in my power to lead teams to successful business outcomes and to help talent thrive and grow.

I am a “coding designer.” Passionately devoted to user experience design and "web-craft" since the very early days of the internet (1994 - the cave paining years). I practice Lean UX and Agile Development (CSM) and I am proficient in contemporary, front-end tools, technologies and workflow.

A visual designer by trade and formal training, I have served as an Adjunct Professor at Endicott College's School of Visual Communications, teaching a variety of courses in Typography and Web Design.

You can learn more about my background and experience at LinkedIn. Please do get in touch!

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